DFA Store FAQs

What types of items are available on the DFA Store?  

There’s a lot of apparel options for working from home, weekend wear or even on the farm. You can follow the link in the top menu of the DFA Store to the Lands’ End website to check out the latest offerings in DFA business apparel. Clothes not your thing? Don’t worry, there are hats, outdoor items, drinkware and a variety of home goods. 

How to exchange/return items?

Email DFAStore@dfamilk.com with your order number, the item you would like to return, and the size you would like reshipped to you. We will send you a return label for the original item and once this has been returned to our facility, we will reship the requested size.

Upgraded or Express shipping?

Email DFAStore@dfamilk.com with your order number and date or time you will need your order by. Upgraded shipping is not always a possibility depending on the weather and time of the submitted request.  High priority orders needing to ship overnight, please contact the warehouse directly at 816.220.2626.

Why isn’t my credit card going through?

The most common error with credit cards not going through is that the billing address entered does match the billing address on the credit card. If you are using your corporate card please double check the billing information is correct.

How can I view my past orders?

You can create an account on the DFA store that will allow you to see past order history and reprint your invoices. You can access your account from the account page Account – Dairy Farmers of America, Inc. (dfamilk.com), or from here you can also create a account after the fact using an email from a prior purchase. You can login and view your prior orders and reset password if you do not remember it. Be sure to check spam/junk folders for any order confirmation and shipping notifications.  

How do I get a gift card for someone or for my team? 

Make gifting easy by purchasing a DFA Store gift card and let the recipient pick whatever they want, in whatever size they want! You can purchase a single gift card through the website and have it emailed directly to the recipient. You can also work with the DFA Store team to purchase gift cards in bulk for a larger group. There are a variety of themed templates available for printed gift certificates — thank you, congratulations, welcome, happy birthday, happy anniversary and happy holidays — so the store has you covered for any celebration. Email the DFA Store team for more information. 

Why is my gift certificate not working?

Make sure to double check the number, specifically the “O” versus “zero.” It’s best practice to copy and paste the gift certificate code if you received it via email.

Can I get a discount?  

The DFA Store is a non-profit department that was created as a perk for our farmer-owners and employees. What that means is that there is no mark-up on the cost of the products. The retail price on the website is the cost that the Cooperative has paid. As a result, employee or bulk discounts are not available for the DFA Store. 

Why doesn’t the DFA Store offer free shipping?

Since the store is a non-profit department there is no mark-up on the cost of the products. The retail price on the website is the cost that the Cooperative has paid. As a result, the cost of shipping is not included in the retail price. If the store was to offer free shipping year-round the prices of the products would have to be higher to offset that cost and the store tries to keep prices as low as possible. 

Can purchases on the DFA Store be payroll deducted?

No, at this time all purchases must be made with credit or debit cards, or using a gift certificate. 

We love our DFA merch but would really like custom items for our regional brand, department or location. How do I request a custom order? 

Email dfastore@dfamilk.com with what you are looking for and they can help source and design items within your budget and timeline.

Looking for a job?

Search for a job in your area in the career section on the Dairy Farmers of America website.

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